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Accessibility Statement and Covid Statement for my studio


I am asking everyone to please wear a face covering when in my studio,

unless you are unable to wear one because of a specific medical condition or disability.

I will be wearing a clear face visor this means whole of my face will still be visible.

I am asking if you have Covid running up to your visit to my studio please rearrange your visit to after you are clear of Covid.

There is hand sanitiser for people to use just outside the entrance to my studio.

Outside my studio and parking spaces

A five bar gate to the road will be open for your visit to my studio.

My studio is close to the parking area.

The space outside my studio is level with a slight slope down to the road.

There are no steps from the parking area to my studio entrance.

The space around my studio is made up of pebbles with a hard base of stones.

There is also dropping off space directly next to the entrance to my studio.

Inside my studio

Just inside the entrance to my studio there is tight bend with one step up.

There is a banister/safety rail to one side of this.

The rest of my studio floor is level and flat and is a tiled floor.

There is a chair in my studio, which anyone is welcome to use.

There will be no loud sounds or sudden sounds or background music in my studio.

I do not have any flashing lights or flashing imagery in my studio.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on

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