Below are the half hour time slots for Sunday 5 June 2022

To select and pre-book one of the half-hour free time slots click on the button next to the timeslot information.

Slots which are already pre-booked will show up saying “Already Pre-booked” as the button text.

I am happy for small groups to turn up for the half-hour time slot, for example family groups. Please keep in mind that my studio can only hold 4 people at one time.

The only information I need for the pre-booking is your email address, first name and surname.

I will not be using your personal information for email newsletters or any other form of marketing.

I will be deleting all personal information collected as part of the timeslots 4 days after the event,

unless I get your permission to hang on to your personal details.

No upcoming events at the moment

To view the half hour time slots for the other days you can click on the links below.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on

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