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Personal Data Policy

What data I collect

The data I collect from you is your email address, your first name and second name.

I also may keep a note of what organisation you are connected to.

MailChimp automatically send me a note of your computers IP.

I also have a note of when you signed up to this mailing list.

MailChimp also keeps a note of when your information was last changed.

Where the data is stored

Your data is stored with mail chimp you can click here to visit MailChimp privacy policy.

Also your information is stored with Gmail which is my email provider.

To view their data protection policy you can click here.

Your information may also be stored on my computer.

What I do with the data

Your details will only be used to send you K6 Photography newsletters and anything relating to these;

for example, if I need to ask you to reconfirm you want to stay on this list.


If you unsubscribe, MailChimp will keep your email address so you won’t be accidentally at

the added back onto the list. But of course you won’t receive any more K6 Photography newsletters.

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