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Outside In artist ambassador

As well as being a Photographer and Digital Artist I’m in Outside In artist ambassador.

Outside In is a national charity which support artists who face significant barriers to the art world

due to health, disability, social circumstances or isolation.

All Outside In activities aim to create a fairer art world by supporting artists, creating opportunities

and influencing arts organisations.

Before becoming an Outside In ambassador I received help and support from them and I continue to do so.

Outside In ambassadors have been asked to help with the promotion of the Outside In campaign

“Change the art world for good” by offering the leaflets to organisations who work with people

who face barriers to the art world; to chat about Outside In and to give the leaflets

to people who may find Outside In helpful to them.

To find out more about “Change the art world for good” campaign you can click here

To visit Outside In homepage you can click here

All photographs on this website © Joel Apps.

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