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Outside In artist ambassador

As well as being a Photographer and Digital Artist, I’m in Outside In Artist Ambassador. 

I feel passionate about the fact that everyone should be given opportunities to express and show their creativity to their full potential.

Also being a Outside In ambassador has made me more determined to help change the art world so no creativity is wasted.

Outside In provide a platform and opportunities for artists who face significant barriers to the art world

due to health, disability, social circumstances or isolation. This also includes people who are neuro-diverse.

Outside In provide a digital platform for Outside In artists in the form of individual online galleries.

As well as 3 main programmes of activities: artist development, exhibitions and training.

All Outside In activities are aimed at creating a fairer art world.

You can view my Outside In online gallery by clicking here

The Outside In leaflet and campaign discusses the question

“Am I an artist?”  “Who decides what art is?”

Thoughts of some of the Outside In artists are included.

You can view a digital version of this leaflet by clicking here

To visit Outside In website you can click here

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