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How do I create my artwork?

How do I create my artwork?

For this talk I take the groups through the stages I go through when creating my artwork, by showing them visual examples of the different stages of an artwork using a PowerPoint presentation.

At the end of the talk I answer questions from the group.

I have given this talk at the following events :

Share Art

Share Art which is in event for marginalised artists to show their art and have the opportunity to meet other artists.

This event took place online using Zoom.

To find out more about Share Art you can click here

Get Connected events

Get Connected events are lively networking events for people with disabilities and their families.

Get Connected events are organised and run by Culture Shift.

To learn more about Get Connected events you can click here

Discussing my Marsh Power artwork

Discussing my Marsh Power artwork

For this talk I discuss what decisions I made when creating this artwork and what I wanted the final artwork to say. In particular I talk about how I wanted to show the different parts of the Romney Marsh and how I did this by separating the artwork into sections.

I gave this talk at the following event :

Pin-ups: A Sense of Place

This event was part of a Photohastings group exhibition.

For this event in turn each artist stood next to their artwork in the exhibition and talked about it.

Photohastings is a group of photographers who take part in and organise yearly photo season.

To find out more about Pin-ups: A Sense of Place you can click here

To view Marsh Power you can click here

My Insta gram page

My Instagram page

I also share how I create my artwork through my Instagram page, by posting the different stages of the artwork that I’m currently working on.

You can view my Instagram page at the bottom of my homepage.

I work and live near Hastings in East Sussex UK.

I am more than happy to give talks online especially over Zoom.

If you have any questions or enquiries about my talks please feel free to contact me on

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