Artist Statement

I am an artist who uses photography as an artistic tool.


In my artwork I explore what makes individual places recognizable, special and unique, whilst also adding my own interpretation to the landscapes. I also explore how different structures interact with each other.


I create my artwork by taking photographs and then combining them digitally. This method and my artistic style give the artwork their own individuality.


I consider myself to be an Outsider Artist. Outsider Artists view the world from a distinctive perspective because

of disability or disadvantage.


My first solo exhibition took place in September 2016 at the Silverhill Studios, St Leonards-on-Sea as part of

the Coastal Currents/Root 1066 Festival and PhotoHastings 2016.


I am enthusiastic about sharing my artistic practice. In particular, I show people the different stages involved in creating my artwork, by using my Instagram page with examples of the artwork I am currently working on.


I also give talks where I show groups examples of the different stages my artwork goes through before being finished.


I had a stroke when I was just a few months old and this disability is one of the reasons I am fascinated by visual language. My disability has also given me a strong determination to find different ways of expressing myself.


I studied for the Extended Diploma in Photography course at Ashford College, graduating in 2012 with Distinction. 

Joel Apps

Photographer and Digital Artist

Visual arts workshop facilitator

All photographs on this website © Joel Apps.