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Artist Statement

I am an artist who uses photography as an artistic tool.


In my artwork I explore what makes individual places recognizable, special and unique,

whilst also adding my own interpretation to the landscapes.

I also explore how different structures interact with each other.


I create my artworks by taking photographs and then combining them digitally.

This method and my artistic style give the artwork their own individuality.


I am passionate about the fact that art and creativity should be accessible

and welcoming to everyone.


So I aim to make sure that my artistic practice is accessible and welcoming to as many groups of people as possible.


For this reason I am an Outside In Ambassador. Outside In is a national arts charity, which aims to provide a platform and support for creative people who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstances or isolation.


I had a stroke when I was just a few months old and this disability is one of the reasons I am fascinated by visual language.


My first solo exhibition took place in September 2016 at the Silverhill Studios, St Leonards-on-Sea as part of the Coastal Currents/Root 1066 Festival and PhotoHastings 2016.

Joel Apps

Photographer and Digital Artist

Visual arts workshop facilitator

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