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Sussex Style

In this Artwork I set out to explore the contrasts and similarities of the buildings'

architectural styles. In particular I wanted to explore the different colours and tones

of the buildings and how these different colours and tones contrast with each other.

Some people have been able to guess where some of the less well-known buildings are from.

This shows how these less important buildings make up an integral part of the feel

of the different towns.

Sussex Style, Beach. Huts., Gone Fishing

Beach. Huts.

In this artwork I explore the different colours of the

Beach Huts and how the colours contrast with each other.

Also I explore the different tones of the pebbles. 

I found how these tones help give the image shape.

Gone Fishing

In this artwork I wanted to explore how the different

colours and shades of the fishing boats would work together and how they would contrast with each other. Also I ended up experimenting with the different sizes and shapes of the fishing boats and how this affected where I chose to place them.

All photographs on this website © Joel Apps.

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