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I would describe myself as a Photographer and Digital Artist.

I consider myself to be an Outsider Artist. 

Outsider Artists see the world differently because of disability or disadvantage.


I’m passionate about striving for the art world to be accessible and welcoming to everybody.

As part of this I am in artist ambassador for Outside In, a national organisation which supports artists

who face significant barriers to the art world.


I create my artwork by taking photographs and then combining them digitally.

In my artwork I explore what makes individual places recognizable, special and unique,

whilst also adding my own interpretation to the landscapes.


I had a stroke when I was just a few months old. 

This disability is one of the reasons why I'm interested in visual language.

This has also given me a strong determination to find different ways of expressing myself.


I live and work on the East Sussex/Kent border.

Near both Rye and Hastings in the UK.

  • Instagram

To see what I’ve been up to lately and to view some of my artworks

you can view my Instagram feed below.

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